Review Essay-Review of Stanley Rosen’s Platonic Production, by Michael Weinman

Michael Weinman reviews Stanley Rosen’s Platonic Productionpublished by St. Augustine Press (2014).

Article available through Philosophy Documentation Center, here.

Michael Weinman is Professor of Philosophy at Bard College Berlin. He is the author of the books Language, Time and Identity in Woolf’s The Waves: The Subject in Empire’s Shadow (Lexington, 2012) and Pleasure in Aristotle’s Ethics (Continuum, 2007). He has published several articles on topics in ancient Greek philosophy and twentieth-century European philosophy, including, most recently, “Doing the Impossible: The Trace of the Other between Eulogy and Deconstruction: Rereading Derrida’s Work of Mourning,” Philosophical Papers (2015), and “Metaphysics, Lam and the Echo of Homer: First Philosophy as a Way of Life,” Philosophical Papers (2014). Among his many contributions to essay collections are “Recursive Knowledge Procedures Informing the Design of the Parthenon,” in Revolutions and Continuity in Ancient Greek Mathematics, ed. Serafina Cuomo and Michalis Sialaros (De Gruyter, forthcoming), and “Phronēsis After the Post-Metaphysical Age: Aristotle and Practical Philosophy Today,” in Thinking the Plural: Richard J. Bernstein’s Contributions to American Philosophy, ed. Marcia Morgan and Megan Craig (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016)

Michael Weinman, review of Platonic Production, by Stanley Rosen, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 38:1 (2017), pp. 223-42.

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