Learning to Live with Derrida and Levinas, by Megan Craig

Article available through Philosophy Documentation Center, here.

Megan Craig is Associate Professor of Philosophy at SUNY Stony
Brook. She is the author of Levinas and James: Toward a Pragmatic
Phenomenology (Indiana University Press, 2010). She is the co-editor
(with Marcia Morgan) of Richard J. Bernstein and the Expansion of
American Philosophy: Thinking the Plural (Lexington Books, 2017). Her
articles include “Looking Back from the Year 2117: America, Philosophy,
and Hope,” Journal of Speculative Philosophy (2018), “Narrative
Threads: Philosophy as Storytelling,” Journal of Speculative Philosophy
(2014), and “Locked In,” Journal of Speculative Philosophy (2008).

Megan Craig, “Learning to Live with Derrida and Levinas,” Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 39:1 (2018), pp. 3-36.

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