The Vulnerability of the Ordinary: Goffman, Reader of Austin

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Sandra Laugier is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris I. Her most recent books include (with Albert Ogien) Antidémocratie (La Découverte, 2017), Etica e politica dell’ordinario (LED, 2015), and (with Albert Ogien) Le principe démocratie: Enquête sur les nouvelles formes du politique (La Découverte, 2014). Among her numerous articles are “Wittgenstein: Ordinary Language as Lifeform,” in Language, Form(s) of Life, and Logic: Investigations after Wittgenstein, ed. Christian Martin (De Gruyter, 2018), “Spoilers, Twists, and Dragons: Popular Narrative after Game of Thrones,” in Stories: Screen Narrative in the Digital Era, ed. Ian Christie and Annie van den Oever (Amsterdam University Press, 2018), and “La démocratie comme enquête et comme forme de vie,” Multitudes (2018). She has also translated many of the works of Stanley Cavell into French, including (with Nicole Balso) Les Voix de la raison: Wittgenstein, le scepticisme, la moralité et la tragédie (Seuil, 1996), and (with Christian Fournier) Dire et vouloir dire: livre d’essais (Cerf, 2009).

Sandra Laugier, “The Vulnerability of the Ordinary: Goffman, Reader of Austin,” trans. Wayne Wapeemukwa, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 39:2 (2019), pp. 367-401.

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