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It’s for the Kids: The Sociological Significance of W.E.B. Du Bois’ The Brownies’ Books and Their Philosophical Relevance for our Understanding of Gender in the Ethnological Age, by Tommy J. Curry

To date, there is not one scholarly essay exploring W.E.B. Du Bois’ publication of The Brownies’ Books. Our current understandings of gender, specifically Black masculinity, occlude our ability to see, much less understand, Black males as mothers or caregivers. Largely determined by our present caricatures of Black males, Black men were not thought to develop […]

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REVIEW ESSAY—Empirical or Imperial? Issues in the Manipulation of Du Bois’ Intellectual Historiography in Kwame Anthony Appiah’s Lines of Descent, by Tommy J. Curry

Tommy J. Curry reviews Kwame Anthony Appiah’s Lines of Descent, published by Harvard University Press (2014). Article available through Philosophy Documentation Center, here.   Tommy J. Curry is Associate Professor of philosophy at Texas A&M University and currently serves as the Executive Director of Philosophy Born of Struggle. His work addresses the fields of Africana studies, […]

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