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Aristotle on Natural Slavery: The Race Question, by Erick Raphael Jiménez

Jiménez discusses Aristotle’s strange views of and arguments for natural slavery in the Politics. He distinguishes two strands of interpretation: one seeing those arguments as simply ideological and as bad political philosophy, another arguing that Aristotle was presenting a coherent attack on naturalist views. Jiménez develops a competing view contending that Aristotle’s arguments for slavery […]

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REVIEW ESSAY—Dimensions of Subjectivity in Kant: Notes on Two Recent Studies, by Erick Raphael Jiménez

Erick Raphael Jiménez reviews Angelica Nuzzo’s Ideal Embodiment: Kant’s Theory of Sensibility, published by  Indiana University Press (2008), and Avery Goldman’s Kant and the Subject of Critique: On the Regulative Role of the Psychological Idea, also published by Indiana University Press (2012).   Article available through Philosophy Documentation Center, here. Erick Raphael Jiménez, “Dimensions of Subjectivity in […]

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