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Beyond the Living and the Dead: On Post-Kantian Philosophy as Historical Appropriation, by Karl Ameriks

Article available through Philosophy Documentation Center, here. Karl Ameriks is the McMahon-Hank Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. His monographs include Kant’s Elliptical Path (Oxford University Press, 2012); Kant and the Historical Turn: Philosophy as Critical Interpretation (Oxford University Press, 2006); Interpreting Kant’s Critiques (Oxford University Press, 2003); Kant and the […]

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Review-The Concept of History

Daniel Wagnon reviews Dmitri Nikulin’s The Concept of History, published by Bloomsbury (2017). Article available through the Philosophy Documentation Center, here. Daniel Wagnon, review of The Concept of History, by Dmitri Nikulin, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 39:1 (2018), pp. 288-91.

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Concept of History Roundtable Poster Redesigned

A Roundtable on The Concept of History

It has been common in modernity to think of history as singular and universal, progressively moving forward to a particular end. Although few contemporary philosophers and historians maintain the view that there is strict universality and teleology in history, according to Professor Dmitri Nikulin in his most recent work, The Concept of History (Bloomsbury, 2017), […]

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Cassirer and Rousseau: The Problem of a Universal Principle of Justice, by Guido Kreis

Article available through Philosophy Documentation Center, here. Guido Kreis is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Aarhus University. He is the author of Negative Dialektik des Unendlichen: Kant, Hegel, Cantor (Suhrkamp, 2015), and Cassirer und die Formen des Geistes (Suhrkamp, 2010). His recent articles include “Die Dialektik in der Dialektik der Aufklärung: Die Spur Hegels,” in […]

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