Navigating the ELT Career

Please join us for an in-depth and engaging dialogue on the real issues faced by English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals and the best ways to overcome them.
This event will include two panel discussions:
(1) Employers sharing what they look for in potential hires, and
(2) Current students, alumni, and faculty sharing the diverse paths they have traveled to reach the present day, complete with the many peaks and valleys along the way.

To RSVP for this event, click here.

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Bringing the Best from the Old Career into the New: Why I Plan Fastidiously

In my Methods: Systems course I had great debates with my classmates about the importance of planning for classes. Some of the teachers I admire the most argued for walking into a classroom armed with nothing but knowledge, experience, and a focus on student needs, but as a career changer new to teaching ESOL, I’ll […]

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Connecting and Learning in Online Communities

Working through an MA in TESOL was not an easy feat for me. Reading any given text took me a considerable amount of time, and creating a link between theory and practice was not always intuitive. Also, like many other classmates, I was teaching full-time while taking two courses, which meant that as much as […]

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Learning styles: Have we been barking up the wrong tree?

It’s an honour to be writing the first post on this blog–thanks to Lesley Painter-Farrell and Mike Griffin for asking me. Before you read on, take this quick quiz (you don’t have to tell anyone your answers 😉 ) Do you agree or disagree with these statements? We mostly only use 10% of our brain. […]

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Why Uncharted TESOL?

New School MATESOL graduate Roshii Jolly shares her thoughts on the name and background of this blog.  As a bunch of us TESOL-ers brainstormed ideas about the name for a new blog, I was struck by the serendipity of the situation. Here we were at the TESOL 2015 convention, infused with ideas of a single […]

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