Flying Seminar: Framing Critical Moments

TCDS and Deliberately Considered are excited to announce the first meeting of the Flying Seminar: Framing Critical Moments, tomorrow at 3pm at 66 w12 ST. Room 404.


The Flying Seminar is a series of portable conversations with key participants (or experts) in various movements and actions in the United States and beyond, which could help to crystallize the differences and parallels between projects of resistance then and now. We have in mind the Civil Rights movement , SDS, the 1968 movements in Europe, the second wave Feminist movement in the States, the Solidarity movement in Poland, The Anti-apartheid Movement in South Africa (its peaceful and its militant side), the Green Revolution in Iran, and the Arab Spring. The goal would be to facilitate discussion about movements past, from here and elsewhere, as a way of guiding the future of movements present. The hope is that this discussion could help address the key question of what is to be done now.


Further Details about the day-long events at the New School may be found here:


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We look forward to seeing you there.


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