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Letters from the Field is a column devoted to news and commentary from our friends and colleagues around the world. Please check back for updates, and please submit your own “letters” to This is another way for us to stay connected in our global digital world, and we hope that your comments and news will inspire research and collaboration and discussion on the issues that matter to the TCDS community!

Letters from the Field: 2021

Death and Abuse of Refugees at the Polish Border: An update from Tomasz Kitlinski, fellow of the New University in Exile Consortium and of the Academy in Exile, former Fulbright scholar at TCDS.

Letters from the Field: PanDemos – 2020

We would like to share with you contributions from our alumni & friends from around the world reflecting on the current pandemic and the new realities we’re living in.

June 2020

COVID-19 and Eastern Europe: Reflections from Decolonizing Eastern European Studies Group Members at The New School

May 2020

Work, Politics, and Love under the Pandemic Specter, Romania, Spring 2020 – by Andra Stan-Dragotesc, mom of two, on maternity leave from her job as manager of the international relations office at West University of Timisoara, Romania

NYC – Tbilisi: Traveling through the Pandemic into Uncertainty – by Malkhaz Toria, current student of the graduate program in sociology at New School for Social Research (NSSR) and the coordinator of the Memory Studies Group at the New School

From TCDS staff with Love and Care: A photographic letter from the working-from-home TCDS staff

April 2020

Of Face-Masks, Umbrellas, and Thunderbolts – by Dota Szymborska, philosopher, sociologist, TEDx speaker, and AI expert, and Tomasz Kitlinski, political philosopher, activist, and curator (Open City Festival of Public Art in Lublin on Hospit-ALTER-ity)

The Pandemic and ‘Women’s Hell’ in Poland – by Zuzanna Krzatala, graduate of The New School for Social Research and TCDS alumna. Social activist focused on women’s and minority rights. Currently based in Warsaw, working with a foundation supporting low-income seniors.

In Limbo: My journey through the pandemic – by Pawel Knut, Human rights attorney and Fulbright visiting scholar at The New School Transregional Center for Democratic Studies

PanDemos: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina – by Hana Curak (1994), sociology graduate student and a media consultant from Berlin and Sarajevo. She is a TCDS alumna, a German Bundestag IPS program fellow, and the founder and editor of the feminist platform Sve su to vještice (They are all witches)

PanDemos and the Slow Death of Democracy in Poland – by Tomasz Kitlinski, philosopher living in Lublin (Poland), and Angus Reid, artist living in Edinburgh (Scotland), both activists

Poland in the Shadow of Marx and PanDemos – by Leszek Budrewicz, writer and poet, and a long-time friend of TCDS and its D&D Institute in Wrocław

Read the latest letters from year 2016: Poland (March) & Wroclaw (June)

2015: Lithuania (March), Europe (June), St. Petersburg (September), Germany (November),

2014: Ukraine (February), New York (February), NSSR (March), New York (December)

2013: Russia (October), New York (November), Ukraine (December)

2012: Nairobi (October), Poland/Eastern Europe (September), Johannesburg (September), New York (August), and New York (February).

2011: Wroclaw (December) Warsaw (October), Lublin (May), New York, Paris, London, and Amsterdam (Part One- December ), (Part Two- January). Johannesburg (October)

2010: London (November), Warsaw (November), and Johannesburg (November), (October) and (October).


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