The Bronx into Bronx: Brno Roma, Ghettoized Identities, and the Global Circulation of Iconic Images – Dec. 3 at 8 PM

The Bronx into Bronx:  Brno Roma, Ghettoized Identities, and the Global Circulation of Iconic Images

Monday, December 3, 2012 – 6:00PM
The New School, 55 W. 13th St. – Hirshon Suite – Mezzanine Level

This talk will focus on Dr. Radim Marada’s current research on Roma people in the Czech Republic. In the Czech city of Brno, an inner city area nicknamed “Bronx” is one of more than 300 Roma ghettos in the country. It may not always and everywhere feel like a ghetto, but it has over the past two or three decades acquired a strong sense of place related identity for outsiders as well as those who live there. This presentation combines an urban ethnography approach with that of cultural sociology to examine the lived experience of its inhabitants, especially local Roma youth and their educational struggles and identity challenges. It is based on an extensive research project (EDUMIGROM) and other field research in the area, and it challenges the ethnicity-culture nexus around which the imperative of a politics of recognition builds its core arguments with implications for the idea of a multicultural education.

Radim Marada is a Visiting Scholar in Global Studies. He has chaired the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University since 2003. Since 2005, he has led the research team Ethnization-Migration-Identity, within the Institute for the Research on Social Reproduction and Integration. He received his PhD in Sociology from the Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science of the New School for Social Research, in 1995. His major areas of interest are sociological theory and history of social thought, cultural sociology, generations and generational conflict, civil society. Recent publications: Culture of Protest: Politicization of Everyday Life (2003), Ethnic Diversity and Civic Unity (2006, editor).
Sponsored by Global Studies at The New School and the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies at The New School for Social Research.

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