Introducing a new column featuring publications by TCDS alumni and friends

TCDS is pleased to announce the launch of a new column featuring publications by TCDS alumni and friends and is welcoming your submissions. Please share with us concise information concerning your recent publications.

Our own definition of what constitutes a publication is fairly broad, as we would like to capture your various accomplishments, such as: published academic books and articles, op-ed pieces in newspapers, magazines and journals, as well as your works of art including collections of fiction literature and poetry, photography albums and catalogs of your drawings, CD and DVD releases of your music and films, posted videos of your stage performances.

In order for us to publicize your work please include the following information with your submission:

1) A short reminder for us, that is a bio including your current institutional affiliation, research interests and the year(s) you took part in any of our programs:

  • D&D Institute alumni – year, Krakow / Cape Town / Joburg / Wroclaw
  • New School alumni – year, division, program, degree
  • Visiting Scholars at TCDS – year, sponsoring program

2) The title of your published work and bibliographic info

3) A short summary, abstract or description of your work (300-400 words or less)

4) A link to the website featuring your work, such as a link to a publisher’s webpage, your institution’s website featuring your publication, an internet store selling your book or CD, etc.

Please submit all information to .

As always, we also welcome your contributions to Letters from the Field, a TCDS column written in a less formal literary style on matters related to your country, city or immediate community.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the submission guidelines.

We look forward to hearing about your publications and celebrating your achievements with the broader TCDS community!

Your TCDS friends


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