Date | December, 2011

A letter from Wroclaw: What Vaclav Havel meant to me

While I cannot claim the privilege to have been one of Václav Havel’s friends, he loomed large in my life, first in my teenage years when I was coming of age in Communist Czechoslovakia and later through my extended sojourns abroad – in the United States and now in Poland. Václav Havel is profoundly irreplaceable. […]

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From your TCDS friends in New York

Dear colleagues, associates, alumni, and friends… as well as our growing roster of TCDS offspring ! Though we are all accustomed to the constant hopes, challenges, and disappointments that come with the territory, this past year has presented an exceptionally dense tapestry of global hope and despair. And just this past week we have seen […]

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Hitchens in Wroclaw, A Remembrance

The late Christopher Hitchens had taught at The New School and several cohorts of students in the Committee on Liberal Studies had gotten to know him well. But those of us who participated in the 2009 Democracy & Diversity Summer Institute in Poland will always remember him from Wroclaw. The institute had just relocated from […]

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Flying Seminar: OWS meets Bill Zimmerman – Picture Gallery

  Flying Seminar: Framing Critical Moments OWS meets Bill Zimmerman Bill Zimmerman, author of Troublemaker: A Memoir From The Front Lines Of The Sixties, When: Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 11:00 AM                                       Flying Seminar: Framing Critical […]

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